100 Baby Challenge Rules

100 BABY CHALLENGE – credit to Ashleigh825 for compiling and updating this challenge for the Sims4!
The gist of the challenge – to have 100 babies in as few generations as possible. The mother must be the only adult in the house. Your sim’s main job is to have kids and raise them. You have a normal life span and cannot work outside the home. Meaning she can paint/write/busk but she cannot physically leave the house everyday to work at a job. No influencing the gender of the child, and no cheating to extend the sim’s life. Sim traits and lot traits are encouraged to make it easier to have babies, including the fertility trait.
When you can age them:
 Babies can be aged when it says it’s their birthday.
Toddlers can be aged up when they have received 3 skills in each other toddler skills
Kids can be aged up when they have A’s in school.
Teens can be aged up when they have A’s in school.
Can only have 1 pregnancy per father.
You may leave the house and the kids to go looking for a potential baby daddy.
You may not have relationships beyond boyfriend/girlfriend and no marriages until your mother moves out of the home.
There are slightly modifications in the rules if you decide to do this as an alien. Please check the full link below for the rules that specifically apply to you.

Here’s a very handy link for the Google Doc that contains all the rules and details for the challenge!




  1. Melanie says:

    What is the new rules with romantic garden stuff in the 100 baby challenge? Because of the wishing well you can get. And make a wish for more money and skills.

      • Charlotte says:

        It’s really not that long, I didn’t have a problem with it. I think it’s good to explain everything thoroughly 🙂

  2. Lauren Field says:

    If a Kleptomaniac visits a donor’s house and swipes something do you consider that contributing to the family?? 😉 I have never had an evil sim or kleptomaniac until this challenge, thank you for making this game even crazier.

    With the introduction of toddlers I personally cannot raise them to my standards without help in the house, my question is this; does it go against the rules if I keep one adult child in the house to help care for the curtain crawlers; I mean toddlers?

    Love the challenge

    • Terryannsims says:

      LOL I don’t think that’s contributing but you can have the teens get jobs. And the teens do help out with the younger kids and babies, they try to anyways. Kids also try to help with the kids but since they can’t really feed or change them, they’re kinda useless. My current sim is insane so I catch her doing the strangest stuff.

      No NPS can help with the toddlers so you can’t hire nannies. If you have to leave any kids or babies can be sent to daycare I believe. And no adults, once they’re young adults they gotta get going, so if I have a few aging up within a few days of each other I will age them up all together and get rid of them all.

    • Terryannsims says:

      No help with the toddlers so you can’t hire a nanny & you can age them up to kids when they are level 3 in their skills.

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